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More and more popular. Holdem Poker taking over the world. Online Poker

Recently Poker has seen an exponential growth in their fan base all around the world thanks to television programs available on satellites and conventional television like Pokermania for example seen on Italia 1. This as well as the fact that tournaments often reach consistent prizes, and this attracted more and more attention from the media and above all new players and potential champions that finally got the chance to enter this world and to easily participate in tournaments directly from home.

Thanks to this easy access the number of players in the world has increased immensely year after year, and the online Poker fever has not been relieved. It has increased tremendously involving more Poker rooms, player circuits, and new tournaments and proposals.

All of this made entrepreneurs offer new software and new proposals therefore opening new Poker rooms with interesting tournaments and all the principal variants of Poker where the most famous version stands out, Hold’em Poker.

Up to this point everything seems simple and immediate, you can purchase software, you open a website and everything should begin working from one day to the next generating considerable entrances. Unfortunately this is not the reality of the situation, what people don’t have, at least in the initial phase, are that the necessary resources to even begin to get a taste of this business.

Here is a basic list of necessary ingredients to be able to just open a Poker room:

  • International licence for online gaming  approximate cost 40.000 €
  • Annual maintenance license  approximate cost 15.000 €
  • Basic software development for Poker  starting from 50.000 €
  • Server rent  starting from 5.000 €
  • Player assistance 24/7  monthly cost starting from 3.000 € and up

Starting today, thanks to Universal Poker Network, opening your own independent Poker room is possible in a much easier and immediate way with a reduced fee and the most advanced services present on the web, here’s what we offer:

  • Software developed in a direct way.
    We develop the software directly guaranteeing that your own Poker room is utilizing the most updated and advanced version.
  • Total personalization
    You have the possibility to personalize all the software elements in order to mirror perfectly all kinds of needs like the personalization of the avatars, the insertion of logos, table graphics and much more.
  • Bonus management
    You can manage independently all the bonuses that you decide to give your players, no more bonuses that are like the other Poker rooms, but special bonuses present only in your specified poker room.
  • Player management
    Direct management of all players that register in their own Poker room, you can contact them directly and give them new proposals, new tournaments and other information about the poker room.
  • Insertion in a network of players
    Your poker room will never be empty, not even during the first day of activities. In fact it will be equipped from the start with an ever growing network of pre-existent players.

To receive ulterior information you just have to register and in no time you will have access to the private section where you will have all the information and a direct contact with our staff.


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